Westmoreland County Probate Attorneys

Probate Services—Answers to Questions You Didn’t Know to Ask

Making probate services easy to understand by defining what they are, when you need them and how to put our experience to your benefit in the process.

While “probate” may be an unfamiliar word, the attorneys at Ament Law Group, P.C. have been providing legal guidance and counsel for years. Here are the cliff notes.

Simply put, probate is the process of validating a Will then paying the debts and administering the estate, as instructed. But the secret to effective probate services comes well before they are needed. It all starts with an estate plan.

The role of the Will

A Last Will and Testament is a legal document that communicates the plan for your assets, your dependents, your legacy, really. In order for a Will to be validated easily, it must have key facets—intent, signatures, notary and witnesses to name a few. This validating process happens through a series of court filings in the county where the decedent resided. Once validated, an Executor or Executrix is appointed to administer the estate.

The role of the executor

It is the role of the Executor(trix) to gather pertinent documentation related to the estate of the deceased. With a comprehensive list of creditors and assets, the attorneys at Ament Law Group can help navigate the process of tying up loose ends such as notifying creditors, accountants, insurance providers, as well as heirs or beneficiaries of the estate in order to expedite the probate process. Our team handles the Court filings, the Inheritance Tax Return and all the other details you may not be aware to get you to a point where the estate can be administered and closed.

So what if there is no Will? Things get a little more complicated, but we can help you navigate the probate services involved in the administration of an estate that is intestate, too.

Comprehensive estate planning helps avoid probate

Remember the most effective probate services happen well before they are needed. If you haven’t created an estate plan or need to dust off and update your existing estate plan, our team of experienced estate attorneys can help. Contact us today to explore your estate planning options.