The Purpose of a Living Will

Most people know a Last Will and Testament is important, but a Living Will is just as important.  Here’s why.

For the Living

A Living Will is an important legal document known by many different names:  Health Care Power of Attorney, Medical Directive, Personal Directive, Advance Directive, or Advance Decisions.

Regardless of the name, this document outlines your wishes while you are still living.  As indicated, it is a directive made in advance to communicate your wishes regarding your care in a life-altering circumstance. It specifically addresses important decisions regarding your medical care.  What medical care and intervention do you want? Is there any medical care you wish to refuse?  What extent and for how long do you desire medical intervention should you ever be incapacitated by illness or injury?

A Living Will answers these important questions, speaking for you when written consent is not possible.

For Life

One important aspect of a Living Will is communicating your wishes regarding organ donation.  According to, one organ donation can save up to 8 lives.  That’s a lot of life-saving impact!

For Love

You love your family.  You protect and provide for them.  A Living Will is one more way to protect them from difficult decisions and provide them with your wishes, in writing, should it ever become necessary.  Doctors have taken an oath to preserve life.  It takes into consideration quality of life and communicates your wishes to those you love and those who care for you.

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