Estate Administration – The Winding Route to the Bottom Line

Estate administration can be time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be all-consuming if you get a little guidance from our probate expertise.

The process of estate administration is not hard – it just takes hard work.

In simplest terms, estate administration is the process of collecting assets and debts, paying expenses and keeping copious records of these actions before finally disbursing the remainder of the estate.

Sounds easy enough, but this process can take quite some time. Many estates have to go through a process called “probate”. Probate is the legal process of estate administration that involves some digging, a lot of organization, and occasionally some tough decision-making. The attorneys at Ament Law Group can help you navigate this process and answer any questions you may have along the way.

Knowing some key terms can help you better understand the process:

Executor – person designated by a Last Will and Testament to administer the estate.
Administrator – person appointed by the Court to administer an estate because there is no Last Will and Testament to follow.
Probate – the court process of estate administration
Small Estate – in the state of Pennsylvania, this would be an estate with assets totaling $50,000 or less. Small estates are not required to be probated.

Knowing the terms help you. Knowing Ament Law Group has the expertise, saves you time and money.

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