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Our Attorneys are trusted advisors who have served clients in western Pennsylvania in Real Estate, Estate Planning, Estate Administration, and Business Planning for a combined 50 years.

Timely Advice

Oscar Wilde once said, “[t]he only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on.”  With more than 50 years of combined legal experience, the Attorneys at Ament Law Group, P.C. will look to their significant legal experience to help you consider issues and avoid costly mistakes.

You have dreams.  Whether they involve leaving a legacy to your family, purchasing a home, picking up an investment property, or launching your new business idea, our Attorneys can help.

Trusted Advisors

We find that when we are in pursuit of our dreams that life happens. Although life is often mundane and monotonous at times, at others it can be unpredictable, and it feels like our world has been flipped upside down.  Planning for the unpredictable is one way our Attorneys will help you achieve peace of mind.

Putting your voice in writing in the form of an estate plan will protect you, your loved ones, and your legacy.  Whether you need a Will, a Power of Attorney, a Living Will, or a Trust our Attorneys have the experience to help you understand and get the right documents in place.

Estate planning is often analogized with an umbrella – when you have one, it often does not rain; however, if it does rain, you are thankful that you planned ahead. It is the same with a properly prepared estate plan. Although you may not need it immediately, when you do, you and your family will be thankful that you planned ahead. Contact our Attorneys today to start planning today!

A proper Estate Plan is only half of the equation – what happens when you or someone you love passes away? Often, when our attorneys prepare estate plans, the families return to us to assist with the administration of the loved one’s estate. Our Attorneys have worked with countless families to ensure that their loved one’s wishes are carried out as expeditiously and cost effectively, as possible.

Our Attorneys can help with estate administration whether the loved one had a will, or not. Our experience with probate services will guide the way and ensure that the administration is performed correctly from beginning to end. Contact us today for a free consultation.